B E S P O K E 

Want something unique? 

Contact us to create your own custom floral bouquet/arrangement.  

Here are some paper flower creations made especially for our customers.


Made for Michelle

OMYGOSH!!!! So niceeee!!!!

- Michelle -

Alexis Garden Pot

Made for Alexis

Thank you so much,

my mum loves it!!! 

- Alexis -

Joanna Rose Pot

Made for Joanna

So pretty!

- Joanna -

Tricia Peony

Made for Tricia

Ohhhh so pretty!!

- Tricia -


Made for Adeline

So so pretty!

My friend loves it!!

- Adeline -

Cheryl's Bouquet

Made for Cheryl

Thank u my friend loves them!!

- Cheryl -

Naomi Floral Dome

Made for Noami


- Naomi -

Cherry Blossom

Made for Anthea

It's gorgeous! I love it! 

Thank you for rushing this out in time within a short notice.

- Anthea -

Stacey Orchids

Made for M

Thank you! It looks beautiful! :)

- M -

Made for Xinyi

Oh so pretty!

- Xinyi -

Ivy Lily

Made for Ivy

Exactly what I asked for! 
Love it!

- Ivy -


Made for Xinying

Lovely and unique.

- Xinyi -