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Love Blooms 

The Love Blooms collection artfully redefines love through the language of flowers. Each pot, from the Amethyst's timeless elegance to Bliss's joyous harmony and Serene's tranquil beauty, invites you to experience love in diverse shades, beautifully captured in floral form.

Price: $128 per pot



evokes tranquility, uniting soft hues in a calming arrangement that mirrors the peaceful beauty of love in full bloom.


radiates joy with a harmonious blend of colors, capturing the essence of love in full bloom.


beautifully intertwines rich purples and vintage tones, embodying the timeless elegance of love in bloom.

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Bespoke Order

Crafting Bespoke floral,

Petal by Petal

At our atelier, each creation begins with a blank canvas and a world of possibilities. We specialize in bespoke paper flowers, tailoring every detail to your desires. Whether you envision a vibrant burst of colors or an elegant monochromatic arrangement, we transform your vision into a stunning reality, petal by petal.

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