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Bespoke Floral Delights 

Discover the magic in our specially crafted paper flower creations, made with love for our amazing customers!


Made for Michelle

OMYGOSH!!!! So niceeee!!!!

- Michelle -

Anemone .jpg

Made for Adeline

So so pretty!

My friend loves it!!

- Adeline -

Crepe paper orchid.jpg
Alexis Garden Pot

Made for Alexis

Thank you so much,

my mum loves it!!! 

- Alexis -

Cherry Blossom Dome.jpg
Cherry Blossom

Made for Anthea

It's gorgeous! I love it! 

Thank you for rushing this out in time within a short notice.

- Anthea -

Naomi Floral Dome

Made for Noami

Peony Rose bouquet .jpg
Cheryl's Bouquet

Made for Cheryl

Thank u my friend loves them!!

- Cheryl -

flower pot_edited.jpg
Joanna Rose Pot

Made for Joanna

So pretty!

- Joanna -

Stacey Orchids

Made for M

Thank you! It looks beautiful! :)

- M -

Lily dome.jpg
Ivy Lily

Made for Ivy

Exactly what I asked for! 
Love it!

- Ivy -


Made for Xinying

Lovely and unique.

- Xinyi -

Fu .jpg

Made for Xinying

Lovely and unique.

- Xinyi -

Bespoke Form 

Let's embark on creating your one-of-a-kind order!

This form serves as the starting point for your custom paper floral masterpiece.

Simply let us know your preferred flowers, desired arrangements, and any special requests in the 'message' section.


Once you submit your request, we'll get in touch with you. Alternatively, feel free to email your details to

Preferred Flowers (you can select more than 1)
Preferred floral arrangement

Thank you for submitting the form!
We will review the form and get back to you as soon as we can.

Bespoke Order

Crafting Bespoke floral,

Petal by Petal

At our atelier, each creation begins with a blank canvas and a world of possibilities. We specialize in bespoke paper flowers, tailoring every detail to your desires. Whether you envision a vibrant burst of colors or an elegant monochromatic arrangement, we transform your vision into a stunning reality, petal by petal.

flower pot.jpg
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