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Flower Artist 

Hello there! I'm Michelle, a passionate paper floral artist located in the vibrant city of Singapore, also known as the Garden City. My creative journey is deeply rooted in nature and the individuals who surround me, allowing me to craft lifelike and distinctive blooms from Italian crepe paper and cardstock.

I've discovered the enchanting beauty of paper flowers lies in their timeless appeal, unaffected by seasonal constraints. Unlike their botanical counterparts, my creations are not bound by environmental factors; instead, they flourish through love and dedication.

At TheFloralPetal, I've cultivated a paper floral garden that defies the passage of time. This garden is not only immune to withering but also safe for those with pollen allergies. Each flower is meticulously handcrafted with the intention of bringing joy to someone's day.

Join me in celebrating the enduring allure of paper flowers – where every petal is a testament to artistry, passion, and a touch of nature's inspiration.

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Want to get in touch?

You can drop me an email at or click on the button below to leave a message. 

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Gift everlasting blooms, perfect for adding a touch of beauty to any space. Explore our shop for the ideal present that lasts.

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