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Introducing the Gladiolus – the unsung hero of Mother's Day bloom!

A tall and elegant stem adorned with multiple blossoms, each one representing a different facet of a mother's love – strength, nurturing, resilience. It's like a beautiful symphony celebrating the power and beauty of motherhood, whether it's for a mom or a cherished mother figure!

Here’s to all the incredible moms and mother figures out there, the unsung heroes who embody strength and love every single day.

Apr - MAy 2024

No request is too crazy

Meet Audrey, the spooky yet adorable plant monster that sprouted to life in response to a bride's whimsical request. Picture this – Audry lurking in her bridal bouquet, bringing a whole new level of charm to the aisle! 💐

This project has been an absolute blast! While I'm head over heels for crafting beautiful blooms, diving into the realm of unique and quirky pieces like Audry is where the real magic happens. It's these special requests that open up a world of creativity and take me on delightful adventures I wouldn't have embarked on otherwise.

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes peeks and exciting projects – because here at thefloralpetal, we're all about making floral dreams come true, monster and all! 

Feb - March 2024

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